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Burzaco, BA, Almirante Brown Partido, Argentina

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Our beautiful 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-plant house is located in a quiet, safe town called Burzaco, in the south zone of Buenos Aires, 45 minutes away by train (which station is 6 blocks from our home) from Capital Federal, where all the tourist attractions are: Obelisco, Puerto Madero, Teatro Colón, Tango shows, Museums, Football Stadiums, Caminito the best restaurants, and much more.

Burzaco is a gorgeous town where you can rest and have picnics in the local square (3 minutes by foot), go shopping (local shopping mall is 5 minutes away by car), take a walk and watch the beautiful houses surrounded by trees and singing birds, go to the 100-year-old church, watch a movie at the town cinema (5 minutes by foot), drink a beer in one of the local bars or have an argentinian pizza or Asado (argentinian meat) in one of the many local restaurants.

If you take the train and walk by the next station or walk 20 minutes you will get to Adrogué, a high-class town where you will be able to have the best meals of the zone, and enjoy the bars and discos. The nightlife here extends to 6 am, so every disco has a lot of fun till the sun rises.
Living here is really cheap so money won't be a problem. For around $10 (usd) per person you will have the best meal in a really good restaurant. If you cook, it will be even more cheaper, since you can prepare a good meal with 5-10$ for 2 persons buying in a local supermarket (there are many markets here where you can get by foot). Public transport is very, very cheap: taking the train to Capital with return included costs $0.50. A remis (taxi) to Capital costs around $15, and to anywhere near, between $2 and $10. There are lots of public buses that will take you anywhere for $0.30.

There is a big lake 30 minutes away by car and the ocean 4 hours away by car too.

People here is very friendly and helpful with the tourists, the native language is Spanish. English is spoken by most citizens.

The weather is nice: in summer it's really hot so I recommend you not to come here in summer. In autumn, it rains once or twice a week, and the average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. The winter is a bit cold and wet, and spring is just perfect.

There are no dangerous animals or insects in the zone. Mosquitoes are common in summer and autumn.

Boating / sailing, Fishing, Convenient for golf, Horseback riding, Scuba diving / surfing, Walking / hiking, Convenient public transport, Lake, Sea / ocean, Air conditioning, Parking, Bathroom / toilet is wheelchair accessible, Internet access, Pet-free home, Use of bicycle(s)