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Phoenix, AZ, Maricopa, United States

Home swap Non simultaneous Hospitality exchange Weekend exchange Long term exchange (6 weeks or more) Home swap Non simultaneous Hospitality exchange Weekend exchange Long term exchange (6 weeks or more) Home swap Non simultaneous Hospitality exchange



I'd love to visit

Serendipity , Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, North America, Australia, New Zealand

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1 Oct 13 - 1 Dec 13

I am open to the following

Home swap, Non simultaneous, Hospitality exchange, Weekend exchange

People in our family who will be exchanging

1 adults

II am seeking an exchange/non simultaneous exchange for

1.)Asia, SE Asia, India any time
2.)Australia/New Zealand any time
3.) Hong Kong, any time
4.) US, any time

Hello. My name is Robert. I am a retired teacher living in Phoenix, Arizona. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia/SE Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

I am able to offer two options.

1.) My home in Phoenix is quite comfortable and pleasant. it is located north of the center of the city and accessible by public bus. My home is a comfortable bungalow, single story home. The neighborhood is comprised of similar and upscale homes, all at the base of Lookout Mountain a few blocks north of my home, great neighbors.

Phoenix is a golfer's paradise (even in the heat of summer, when green fees are usually lower). Air conditioning Tourist area / resort Cultural attractions Convenient shopping Friendly neighbours Garage Convenient for golf Modern kitchen Mountains Parking Piano Family room / playroom Restaurants Sauna / jacuzzi / hot tub ,TV -- basic broadcast television; Video cassette recorder CD, CVD, stereo, Dishwasher Terrace / patio View of nearby North Mountain and Lookout Mountain.

I do have two indoor only male cats who will need companionship and some feeding and maintaining on a daily basis. Friends and family are available to come in if you would plan to be away from more than a day. These are indoor only cats; their safety and health are at issue. I have always maintained my feline companions on an indoor basis only.

My family lives in Scottsdale, about 15 miles distant, and will be of help in locating various venues and things to do in the area, as well as respond in the event you should require assistance on any house related matter. I have excellent neighbors who are also available for house matters as well as information about the neighborhood or the city.

A car is negotiable for local use. In the US we drive on the right side of the road, requiring the driver to be seated on the left side of the front seat. For those whose pattern is to drive on the other side, the use of the car may not be a comfortable one. The car is available for use within a 70 mile radius of Phoenix. For greater distances, I request you engage a rental, as I generally drive a limited number of miles per year in my own driving. My insurance will not require an additional payment for ?guest? drivers, provided a guest driver possesses a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in his/her own country, a copy of which I would request as a part of the agreement, for my insurance company. I would also ask for agreement that would cover costs of deductible in the event of any accident while driving.

Although I have traveled extensively in countries where driving is done on the other side of the roadway than in the US, I choose not to drive outside the US and to defer to local public transportation or hired driver.

The city transportation is reasonably available. There are museums within a ½ hour bus ride. To the north approximately 300 miles is the Grand Canyon and Native American reservations are located near Phoenix and within four hours drive north.

2.) A non-simultaneous exchange in any of a number of Shell Vacation Club properties in the US, Hawaii and Canada.

Shell Vacations studio suite time share unit in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Canada on non exchange basis as well as exchange, and to offer hospitality in those locations as well. (please see select SVC Resorts) In Phoenix, Most facilities are condominiums designed for comfort and casual elegance. Each condo has individual climate control, dual-line telephone with voice mail, and high-speed Internet access. Shell Vacations offers resorts in several US city/urban areas. Have a look at

Mountains, Convenient for golf, Walking / hiking, Air conditioning, Central heating, Parking, Internet access, Smoke-free home, Use of second home